Welcome to our page dedicated to mediation!

We look forward to share our mediation knowledge, which will help you to meet your objectives.

Having visited this mediation page, you prove that you are ready to be a party to conflict-free communication and alternative dispute resolution.

Resolution of conflicts, divorces, separation or any other disputes by means of negotiation is pure art. In this context mediation is the most efficient way to find individual, prompt, cost-effective and long-term sustainable solutions.

Disputes and conflicts between people are often associated with rage, pain, lack of confidence and apprehensiveness, which is normal. However the emotions often prevent from seeing the perspectives and finding a future-oriented solution. Therefore our core objective is to accompany you on your way to a new beginning. We are ready to support you and find the optimal solution meeting your needs.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Any conflict – irrespective of its nature – can be resolved by means of mediation, be it a family or divorce dispute, business conflicts, intercultural or inheritance issues or disputes between neighbours. Mediation services cover even school conflicts.

Mediation may be applied to a wide range of subjects, put it otherwise, it may be used to resolve a conflict, dispute or misunderstanding between two or more people. Mediators are there to help you if you are not able to resolve the conflict independently and require prompt, competent and cost-effective solution.

Our mediators are at the cutting edge of their field; our long-term interdisciplinary experience will help to provide you a comprehensive solution to a conflict or dispute.

Should you have any questions regarding mediation methods, procedures, stages or prices, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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